The Fall of Legend (Legend Trilogy, #1)

The Fall of Legend (Legend Trilogy, #1)
Title:The Fall of Legend (Legend Trilogy, #1)
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:350

Read online The Fall of Legend (Legend Trilogy, #1).pdf PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Fall of Legend (Legend Trilogy, #1) ***5 Stars*** And I’m all in once again.Not that is any surprise since I do tend to fall down the rabbit hole with this particular author in one way or another, but from the first page to the last I was hooked and am definitely looking forward to seeing all the crazy that Legend and Scarlett will not only put themselves through, but be put through by others, to get their HEA.So, this is a trilogy which means we only get a taste of what’s to come, but what I can say is that I loved Legend and Scarlett. (Though I wanted to reach into the kindle many times in the first half of the book and shake some sense into Scarlett ~ but thankfully that urge faded in the last half) Both are so much more than they appear to be on the surface and despite their difference in social status, they have quite a few similar traits that make it easy to see how they could have more if given the chance. The chemistry between them is hot and I loved how they started to get to know each in the book.Now, this is a trilogy and an ending that is definitely not all that satisfying. It isn’t an OMFG type of ending, at least IMHO, but it is one that definitely has me looking forward to the next chapter in their journey. There are quite a few issues both are dealing with, so I’m quite interested in seeing which ones will become roadblocks in their journey and which ones won’t. And then there are all the newbies we get to meet in this baby. I’m loving Kelsey, Monroe and Harlow and hoping to get more of Zoe as well. Then there’s Q, Bo, Bump and a few others who have peaked my interest as well and I’m looking forward to getting to know them all a lot better in the next two installments!~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~ by Meghan March

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