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Read online Verity.pdf PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Verity Wow! Another Flashback Saturday and I’m rereading, reviewing ( alternated version) and discussing another brilliant and one of my favorite Colho novels. And surprise it’s a mindf*cking, WTH I just read kind of jaw dropping, intense, shocking thriller. Yes, there’s semi- white Colho writes about angsty love stories about sweetest characters and there’s very dark Colho who writes thrilling, heart pounding, disturbing stories about not so sweet characters.This book is an absolute product of dark Colho targets psychological thriller lovers. Verity has three main characters: ghost writer Lowen, grieving father and charismatic husband Jeremy and his poor ill wife/ a phenomenal best selling author Verity! All of them are dealing with inner demons kind of flawed, exhausted, damaged characters. Lowen and Jeremy meets in the middle of the tragedy. They witness a man’s dying in the middle of Manhattan street. A truck hits a man as he checks his phone and his blood splats on Lowen’s shirt. Jeremy wants to help her, following Lowen to a men’s restroom at a cafe and borrows his white shirt because Lowen is in a hurry. She will have an important meeting with her publisher. Guess who bumps into her in the elevator and pushes the same floor button? Lowen and Jeremy meet again and not so coincidentally they are attending the same publisher meeting. Lowen finds out her publisher wants her service to finish famous author Verity Crawford’s last novels of very popular series. And dear Jeremy I’d husband of Verity! Sorry Lowen, your bizarre love story about the girl meets the boy in a tragic circumstances took a frustrated turn! Well, Lowen sees this as a good chance for her career. After she loses her mother to cancer, she needs to focus on something and Jeremy who recently pulled out her little daughter’s body from the lake, dealing with his sick wife who is paralyzed, incapacitated because of car crash, lying on a bed all day were perfect traumatized team for finishing this job. Lowen feels attraction to Jeremy from the beginning but he’s married man who is grieving so she shouldn’t take advantage of his situation, should she? But when she finds the secret manuscript of Verity changes everything! Verity poured out her dirty secrets, her complex feelings to this manuscript: a kind of manifestation tells how far you go to be the best author! I’m stopping right now! But I have to admit: this book is a product of genius brain! Especially that WTH ending was brilliant! I absolutely highly definitely recommend it! I was really hopeful Layla was also a thriller like Verity but it turned out as paranormal romance.But I’m still keeping my hopes up and wish dark Colho comes back sooner to release more spine tingling books like this. by Colleen Hoover

  • Verity by Colleen Hoover
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