Love on the Brain

Love on the Brain
Title:Love on the Brain
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:368

Read online Love on the Brain.pdf PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Love on the Brain **4.5-stars rounded up**The Queen of Steamy-STEM is back and she's done it again!! Without putting too fine a point on it, I'll just say that Hazelwood's stories are the romances of my dreams. I loved this one even more than The Love Hypothesis.In Love on the Brain the Reader is introduced to Bee Königswasser, a neuroscientist, who has just been offered the opportunity to work on the project of her dreams for none other than NASA.Moving to Houston, Bee gets to bring along her dark-ray of moonshine assistant, Rocío, who contributes her own brand of humor to the story. The project is set to run for 3-months, which could turn out to be the greatest 3-months of Bee's career thus far. She's pumped to get started.Then Bee discovers her co-lead on the project is Levi Ward. Ughhhh, way to ruin an entire vibe. Levi is a huge jerk who spurned her at every turn in grad school.Bee never really understood what his deal was with her, but she knows she doesn't want to repeat any of it at this point in her life.Unsurprisingly, as Bee and Rocío attempt to settle in at their new office and get to work, it seems that someone is sabotaging them. Honestly, it's like Levi isn't even trying to hide it, but the longer they're around each other, Bee begins to see a different side to him. Is Levi softening towards her, or was she possibly misreading him all along? Also, if it isn't Levi sabotaging her, who is it?Y'all, I adored this story. From the very first moments in Bee's perspective, I knew I was going to become so connected to her. I adored the way her brain worked, her passions, her backstory, her insecurities, it was all so solidly developed.Then there is Levi, the epitome of a leading man. He's handsome, smart, industrious, athletic, motivated, charming, sweet and a Star Wars fan. I mean, sign me up.I love an Enemies-to-Lovers trope, so I wasn't surprised that I enjoyed this plot. One thing I really appreciated was that most of the miscommunication between the couple is cleared up earlier in the book than is generally the case.This allowed a better building of their relationship in my opinion. Usually you spend so much time just trying to have characters actually communicate with one another, it can get frustrating. I didn't really feel that here. It felt like just the right amount to build tension without causing annoyance.I also really loved the side characters, particularly Rocío, Bee's assistant, and Levi's cat, Schrodinger, because who doesn't love the cats who star in romance stories!?I will say towards the end, there was some silly drama that felt very eye-rolly for me, hence the 4.5-stars rounded up, versus a full-5. With that being said though, that's a pretty minor thing and it was the only time where I was sort of shaken out of the hypnotic trance this story put me in.I have read all of Hazelwood's currently published works and I have enjoyed them all. I love that she is shining a spotlight on women in STEM and that her characters are all so robust and likable.As with many Romance stories, there is a formula to them, but hey, they work. You know what you are getting into when you pick up a Hazelwood book and I'm here for it all the way.Thank you so much to the publisher, Berkley, for providing me with a copy to read and review. This is my favorite Hazelwood yet and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!! by Ali Hazelwood

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